Agarbatti Industry

Charcoal powder is the main ingredient in the agarbatti which is blended with 2-3 other material to form a mix which is rolled over the stick to make the agarbatti. It is used in the puja and known to be a sacred material in every household.

Ironing Industry

Charcoal is used to heat the Charcoal Iron used to press the clothes. Charcoal provides a uniform, smokeless and long lasting heat. Charcoal is the most cost effective fuel for ironing.


Blacksmith uses the charcoal to forge the iron by heating the furnace. The iron gets soft by heating it using charcoal and can be shaped or sharpened as per usage.

Similarly the Goldsmith uses the same process to mould the gold and design the ornaments.

Battery industry for smelting of Lead

The Lead-acid battery when become scrap is melted in a high temprature to seperate Lead from the scrap. The charcoal is used to do the process.