8 Ways You Can Use the Charcoal Wood

Charcoal is a dark black residue that resembles coal which is made up of carbon. It can be obtained by charring the wood where it deprives for oxygen and removal of water from the wood substance. The burning process which deprives the substance without getting any contact with oxygen leaves an impure carbon residue called Charcoal. The Charcoal serves many different purposes as it is a burnt wood.

Charcoal has been used over more than 30,000 years for cave-painting and cooking. The use of Charcoal in art holds importance as it can be used for drawing and painting. The most common charcoal usage all around the world is compressed Charcoal in the form of pencils. There is also the vine charcoal that is created by burning sticks of wood into soft, medium or hard consistencies to be used in artworks. Powdered Charcoal is Charcoal in very small particles being used to ‘tone’ paintings. The use of Charcoal even extends to smoking as it can be used in hookah smoking, where lighted pieces of Charcoal are placed on a small tobacco bowl that is covered by a foil of aluminium. The coal indirectly heats the tobaccos for smoking.

Let us share with you about how you can use the Charcoal in your daily lives:

1. Charcoal is an excellent fuel.

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You might have heard of the exothermic process in the factories where they burn the chemicals for the reaction. Most of the industry use Charcoal as a fuel due to its higher calorific value than wood, its ignition temperature is less, it doesn’t emit toxic smoke, and it causes less air pollution. Many homes opt for coal as a cheaper substitution for cooking gas as it is more affordable and widely available.

2. Charcoal helps infiltration process.

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Charcoal is porous, and it can absorb liquid and gases surface in itself. Due to such properties, it can be used in water filter, gas masks and anti-gastric tablets for indigestion. Charcoal wood has a decolorizing agent which can absorb colouring matter. It is widely used for organic preparations. 

3. Charcoal is a pest deterrent.

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Charcoal ashes contain components which repel snails and slugs to your garden beds. It is advisable to sprinkle the charcoal ashes right after the monsoon to get the desired results.

4. Charcoal enhances the composting process.

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Charcoal consists of wood char which contains carbon for enhancing the quality of compost. It also attracts the bad odour and let your compost be odour free with no insects and flies.

5. Charcoal keeps your air fresh.

Charcoal holds a property to attract and lock the odour therefore it is better for you if you place the Charcoal in your open bowls, drawers and perforated plastic bags to banish odour. 

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6. Charcoal keeps your flower stay fresh for long.

As the Charcoal consist the property of keeping the water clean and active, you can put a lump of Charcoal in your flower vase, and it can be fresh for a longer time than usual.

7. Charcoal can be used in mulching.

Breaking Charcoal into chunks and spreading in your garden can keep the soil moist for a longer period and suppresses weed to grow. 

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8. Charcoal prevents rusting.

One of the best uses of charcoal wood can be when you place a few lumps of Charcoal in your toolbox to absorb moisture and prevent the rust on tools. 

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