Who Are We

A S Trading Corporation having its Head Office at Nagpur has steadily grown to become a premium manufacturer and stocks the best quality Charcoal in India. We the management at A S Trading Corporation dare to commit that we deliver the best quality products and have earned a commendable reputation for reliability and quality due to its adherence to uncompromising standards of quality. The objective is to delight customers at reasonable prices.

Our Process

Our process to manufacture the Charcoal is by using the latest technology committed towards the protection of environment along with the high yield with the high quality charcoal. Our committed towards the uninterrupted supply of charcoal maintaining it quality and price.

charcoal in nagpur

Industries We Serve

Battery Industry

To separate Led from Scrap of Batteries.

Ferro Alloy Industry

Charcoal acts as a reducing agent.

Restaurant Industry

The charcoal is used in cooking food in barbeque and tandoors.

Agarbatti Industry

Mixing Charcoal with other contents to make Pooja Agarbatti

Water & Chemical Industry

For Purification of water and to get combinations of chemicals.

Ironing Industry

Ironing Industry also uses charcoal as a fuel.

Our Products

We are manufacturer and dealers of the wide range of products from charcoal to its various by-products, such as Activated carbon, Agrabatti powder, Agarbatti mix, etc

  • 01
    Hardwood Charcoal
    Hardwood Charcoal is best used for restaurant Tandoors and Barbeque.
  • 02
    Charcoal Powder
    Charcoal powder made of babool wood is of high quality and redimix for agarbattis
  • 03
    Industrial Charcoal
    This is the best charcoal used in the furnace and other industrial use.
  • 04
    Coconut Shell Charcoal
    Coconut Shell Charcoal is highly used in the industries
  • 05
    Coconut Shell Charcoal Briquette
    These briquettes are made from processed coconut shell. Apart from imparting a smoky flavour, the briquettes burn hotter, longer, don’t spark, emit less smoke.
  • 06
    Hookah / Shisha
    Hookah/Shisha cafe are emerging in the cities and very popular among the young generation.


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